Sunday, August 9, 2009

Artist Collaboration

This is more the spawning of an idea then an effort to form a group. The objective is to have a place where different local artists can comment on each others work and collaborate. Personally, I am looking for individuals that are open minded about the human body and art in general. For me nudity is something that I am extremely interested in exploring through photography and film. One of my themes is exploring the form of the human body against architecture. The connections between the body and other forms: nature, architecture, the landscape. All harking back to the idea of the Vetruvian Man and the body’s perfect proportions emulated in architecture/ its relation to nature. My interest isn't limited to nudity by any means. I love to photograph people in general and so I am searching for people interested in being photographed and in being a part of making art! I am also offering help to artists that are looking for subjects or help in ideas/ creating. My goal is to avoid as many limitations as possible. To be able to have an idea, expand it, and carry it through to its fullest potential and to help other artists do the same.

Lets Make Art!


Some ideas and themes interested in exploring: filming the art of painting the body, decaying architecture, how multiple bodies fit together, body language, philosophy, expressionism, absurdity, consciousness, masculine, feminine, androgyny, sex, different ways of framing

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